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Man jailed over big tips he gave to waitresses

By Mason White 2:34 AM August 28, 2016
Joseph R. Arnone 

By: Chan Yuan
Waitresses in Florida, were always happy to serve a man, who was known for tipping them well.

The man paid by credit card and he always added a nice tip for the servers.

However, police soon arrested Joseph R. Arnone, 35, of Key Largo, as he was being generous with other people’s money.

Detective Jacques Rozek said that Arnone was involved in an elaborate credit card fraud scheme.

He apparently obtained credit card information online and somehow transferred that stolen information to a credit card with his own name on it.

When he handed the credit card to people, it looked as if he was the legitimate cardholder.

Three people, two of whom have never been in the area, disputed charges from their bills, which Arnone spent.

The total loss of the credit card companies stood at $1,250.

Arnone faces 11 criminal charges, including grand theft, illegal use of credit cards and fraud by impersonation.

His bond was set at $43,500.