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Father smashes pregnant daughter’s Audi after her boyfriend was seen speeding with her children inside

By Mason White 12:50 PM August 28, 2016
The smashed Audi 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A father caused a firestorm on social media after he was seen using a tractor to smash his daughter’s Audi to teach her a lesson.

According to friends and family, Mike and Missy Card of Georgia, are very loving parents who have done a lot to help their daughter.

The family said that they helped their daughter, 21-year-old Ashlyn Card, and her children, with whatever she needed, including paying for lawyers and allowing her to live with them without paying for rent or food.

However, the parents feel that their daughter is being dragged down the wrong path by her boyfriend, Brandon Anderson.

According to police, Anderson had been arrested for physically abusing Ashlyn. He was charged with assault on a female, false imprisonment, assault by strangulation and inflicting physical injury.

Her mother Missy, said that the family had an agreement with Ashlyn that her boyfriend will never drive her car.

However, one day, her father and brother spotted Anderson in the driver’s seat and speeding at 80 miles per hour with her two children in the back seat.

The furious father, who allegedly paid $13,000 for the Audi, decided to smash it. His son Kaylor Card, took videos of the act and posted them to Facebook.

Ashlyn took to Facebook to tell her side of the story. She claims that she gave cash to her brother for the car. Ashlyn feels that her father punished her children as he took away her means of transportation.

Anderson said that she is pregnant and Anderson is the father of her unborn baby.