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Company fines 200 employees for not commenting on boss’ social media posts

By Mason White 1:25 PM August 30, 2016
Facebook (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
More than 200 employees at a travel service company in China, are threatening to sue their boss after getting fines for not posting comments on social media updates from the general manager.

General manager Zhang Ming of Jinan, said that he posts an update every morning on Weibo as part of a campaign to improve morale.

Ming ordered employees to read his social media posts on a loudspeaker every morning. The general manager’s social media updates are mostly motivational quotations or information on company activities.

Recently, more than 200 employees received a fine of $6.50 each for failing to comment on Ming’s posts. However, the fines are in breach of labor laws as it is illegal to impose fines on employees.

A lawyer is threatening to file a lawsuit against the company and complain to the labor inspection department in order to stop the fines on employees.