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Woman selling insects throws hundreds of worms at train passengers and urinates on floor

By Mason White 5:25 AM August 30, 2016
Zaida Pugh 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) Police launched an investigation after a woman allegedly threw hundreds of worms and crickets at train passengers, according to police in New York.

The New York Police Department said that 21-year-old Zaida Pugh, was trying to sell crickets and worms before throwing them on passengers on a D train headed from Brooklyn to Manhattan on Wednesday around 6:00 p.m.

As Pugh approached a group of teenagers, she was pushed.

Pugh then released some of the worms and crickets she held in a paper bag.

After she began screaming, a man approached and punched a container full of worms and crickets, causing the entire train to be covered in insects.

Passengers began to cry and mourn, and everyone ran to the other end of the train.

Someone then pulled the emergency brake and the train stopped on the Manhattan Bridge.

The air conditioning shut off, and the passengers were all trapped inside the hot train with Pugh and the insects.

Pugh was banging on doors and trying to climb through the windows.

The woman then urinated on the floor.

The train started moving again after half an hour and stopped at the DeKalb Avenue station, where dozens of police officers were waiting on the platform.

Pugh was removed from the train.