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Father burns his daughter with hot iron because she spilled feces of her potty on the floor instead of in toilet

By Mason White 5:27 PM August 30, 2016
The victim 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A young girl was left with horrific burns after her father beat her with a hot iron.

Police in Nigeria, arrested the father after he burned his daughter on the face and private parts.

Lagos police arrested 45-year-old Surakat Idowu, after learning that he burned his five-year-old daughter with the hot iron when he became angry with her.

Idowu had custody of his 5-year-old daughter since he separated from his wife two years ago.

The father, who works as a mechanic, allegedly tortured the girl because he asked her to dispose the feces of her potty into the toilet, but the child accidentally spilled it on the floor.

The father became angry, grabbed the hot iron and burned the child’s face, eye and private parts as punishment.

A neighbor who heard the child screaming, came to her aid and witnessed the incident. Police were called and the father was arrested while the child was taken to a hospital.

The child, who is in nursery, suffered severe injuries and doctors are not sure if she will regain vision in her left eye.

The child is being treated at a hospital and was placed in protective custody.