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Three men sell horse meat as beef to Tesco and Burger King

By Mason White 5:39 AM August 31, 2016
Horses (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
Three men were arrested on a charge of fraud for selling large quantities of horse meat as beef to major retailers in the United Kingdom.

London police said that Ulrik Nielsen, 57, of Denmark, Alex Ostler-Beech, 43, of Hull, and Andronicos Sideras, 54, of Southgate, are accused of conspiring with others defraud millions of consumers who regularly buy beef at Tesco and Burger King.

The suspects have deliberately sold a mixture of horse meat and beef as beef to the stores in order to profit as the value of horse meat is less than beef.

Police believe that the suspects managed to defraud consumers for at least 10 months before the major retailers learned that the beef contained horse meat.

“The three suspects conspired together, and with others, to defraud purchasers of goods that contained, wholly or in part, a mixture of beef and horse meat by dishonestly arranging for beef and horse meat to be combined for sale as beef. They were charged with conspiracy to defraud,” prosecutors in London said in a statement.