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Man allows two friends to watch him have sex with woman on first date via FaceTime without her knowing

By Mason White 2:54 PM August 30, 2016
Angel Natal 

By: Wayne Morin
A man was arrested after he allowed two of his friend to watch him having sex with a woman he met for the first time.

The man was arrested after he allegedly allowed his two friends to see him having sex via FaceTime with a woman he met online without her knowing about it.

31-year-old Angel Natal of Bridgeport, Connecticut, met the woman on the dating website OkCupid.

The two decided to meet at a park. After spending some time together, the woman agreed to go to Natal’s apartment.

Police said that the two were having consensual sex. However, during their time together, the woman realized that Natal kept looking over his shoulder.

The woman then looked in a mirror and saw an iPhone that had FaceTime. She saw two men watching them live as they were having sex.

The woman became very upset. Natal then disconnected FaceTime.

When the woman left the apartment, she saw the same two men who watched her having sex on FaceTime, driving up and high fiving Natal.

That is when the woman called police and reported Natal.

Natal allegedly admitted the act. He was arrested and charged with voyeurism and is being held on $15,000 bond.