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Pregnant woman goes blind in one eye after playing too much Pokemon Go

By Mason White 5:49 PM August 31, 2016
Pokemon Go 

By: Feng Qian
A pregnant woman was rushed to a hospital after she suddenly went blind and was unable to see with one eye.

A doctor at the hospital in Taiwan, said that within three weeks of Pokemon Go being released, they saw a large increase in the number of patients who have suffered different medical issues due to the mobile app.

In one case, the doctor said that a 31-year-old pregnant woman of New Taipei City, came in to the hospital because she suddenly lost the vision in her right eye.

Doctor Chen Yu-an diagnosed her with macular degeneration. The doctor said that her condition became aggravated by the fact that she was looking at her phone for many hours while playing Pokemon Go.

The pregnant woman admitted that she was addicted to playing the popular game.

Luckily, doctor Yu-an told the woman that if she stopped staring at her phone, then her condition will improve and her eyesight will return.

Officials have added traffic police who write tickets for dangerous behavior while playing the game. Police said that just 2 days after the game had been released, officers had already fined 340 people for playing Pokemon Go while driving.