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Mike Tyson steals ice cream from vendor at the US Open

By Mason White 2:42 PM August 31, 2016
Mike Tyson and ice cream bar 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman was shocked when Mike Tyson walked up to her kiosk and took an ice cream, but refused to pay for it.

The US Open, which began on Monday in the city of New York, has people talking but not for what happened on the court, but rather outside as the athlete stole an ice cream bar from a vendor.

Tyson, 50, reportedly walked up to a Ben & Jerry’s kiosk, where he reached into the freezer and pulled out the “Half Baked” ice cream bar, which is priced at $5.50.

However, instead of paying for it, he just left. The woman said that she yelled at Tyson and said: “Excuse me, are you going to pay for that?” However, Tyson just kept walking.

The worker said that she was shocked by the blatant theft. “He just took it and left. What are you going to do, fight him? He’s Mike Tyson,” the woman said.

The woman said that she asked her boss what to do, and he responded: “Mike Tyson, let it go.”

Tyson’s publicist, Joann Mignano, released a statement, and said in part: “There was a misunderstanding. Mike got the ice cream and was going to have the host pay for it as he was running around with his family. He was being pulled in a lot of directions as his daughter, Milan, is a rising tennis star and huge fan of the sport.

“His host, David Slade, got the money from Mike and has made sure the bill has been taken care of.”