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Woman finds worm in her mouth after drinking cup of Diet Coke she bought at McDonald’s

By Mason White 11:49 AM September 2, 2016
Worm in McDonald’s Diet Coke 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman rejected an offer of free Diet Coke for life after finding a worm inside her cup of soda she bought at McDonald’s.

Nicole Eliason of Noblesville, Indiana, said that she drinks Diet Coke every day, as part of her regular diet.

Eliason admitted that she is thinking about cutting down on the amount of soda she consumes, but so far, she had no luck.

On Wednesday morning, Eliason dropped off her children at school, and she then stopped at McDonald’s on State Road 32, to buy breakfast sandwich and a Diet Coke.

She ate the sandwich, and then went to Kroger to buy groceries.

After loading her groceries in his car, she took another sip of the Diet Coke. As she took the last sip of the cup, she felt something strange in her mouth.

She immediately spat out the soda along with the foreign object on the ground. She took a closer look, and she realized the object in her soda was a worm.

Eliason took pictures and posted them on Facebook. Eliason talked to the manager, but he did not seem to know what to do.

Eliason said the owner could not do much more than offer a refund or free Diet Coke for life. The owner took the worm and sent it to McDonald’s headquarters for testing.

The woman vowed never to buy Diet Coke at McDonald’s.

“So I swing through McDonald’s to grab a Diet Coke this morning. About 3/4 of the way through my drink I take a swig, feel something soft in my mouth, and immediately spit it out. This is what I found. Noblesville store at SR 32,” Eliason wrote on Facebook.