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8-year-old girl arrested after being caught kissing her female classmates as being lesbian is a crime in Uganda

By Mason White 3:04 AM September 4, 2016
Gay parade (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
A young girl was turned over to police after she was seen kissing her female friends.

The arrest of the child came a few days after police in Uganda, stopped the Gay Pride parade, as being gay is a crime in the country.

Police said that they have arrested the 8-year-old girl on suspicions of “lesbianism.”

Jinja Police Child Family Protection said that they arrested the girl after a neighbor saw her having “romantic relationships” with other girls her age.

The neighbor told police that the child “repeatedly lured her friends to a farm near her house, where the girls would engage in inappropriate behavior with one another.”

Detectives are now investigating all the adults in the girl’s life to see if one of them might have influenced the child’s decision to engage in these “illicit relationships,” police said.

Uganda’s Minister for Ethics and Integrity Reverend Father Simon Lokodo reiterated the country’s stance against homosexuality and stressed that his ministry is committed to fighting the practice.

LGBT activist Qwin Mbabazi said that the crackdown on gay people “makes my blood boil, but it also energizes me to talk louder.”