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JetBlue loses 5-year-old boy and gives his mother another child

By Mason White 2:36 AM September 4, 2016
Maribel Martinez with her son Andy 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A mother is angry over the emotional distress caused to her family by JetBlue airlines.

38-year-old Maribel Martinez was waiting at the JFK airport in New York, for the arrival of her five-year-old son Andy.

However, JetBlue staff gave her another child, who was not her son, but he had her son’s passport. The panicked mother said that she thought her son had been kidnapped.

JetBlue staff members searched for the child. After a frantic three hour search for Andy, they learned that he was put him on a flight to Boston, and he was 214 miles away.

The incident began when the family went on vacation to the Dominican Republic. Martinez returned to New York after a week, leaving her son in the care of relatives.

Martinez said that when she purchased a ticket for Andy, she paid an extra $100 fee for a JetBlue representative to escort him to and from the plane, but they apparently switched him with another child who was in their care.

Both children were eventually put on another flight to get to their parents.

JetBlue refunded Martinez the $475 for the flight and they also gave the family $2,100 in credit for future flights. However, Martinez said that she will never use the airline again.

Martinez said that the staff members at the airline should be ashamed of themselves for the emotional distress they put both families through, and she has hired a lawyer to take action against the airline for their negligence.