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College students being charged for flushing toilets too many times

By Mason White 7:00 AM September 5, 2016
Public toilets (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
The administrators of a college in China, have announced that they will be charging students who flush the toilets too many times.

The Kunming Health Vocational College in Yunnan, allows each student to use 3,000 liters (650 gallons) of water per month.

Each student got a card that allows them to access the toilets. A student that uses more than 3,000 liters per month, are charged money to get a new card.

An official at the college said that 3,000 liters should be more than enough for most students.

The official said that he believes the new system will encourage students to save water. However, students are not happy with the new system, saying that the bathrooms are smelly.