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Fugitive caught after changing his Facebook profile to his wanted poster

By Mason White 5:11 PM September 4, 2016
The wanted poster Mack Yearwood put on Facebook 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) Police in Florida, said that a fugitive made their job easier by posting his wanted photo to social media.

Police were called to the home of 42-year-old Mack Yearwood in Stuart, for a domestic battery, but when officers arrived, he was no longer there.

Police released a wanted poster with Yearwood’s name and photo, and they asked the public for help in locating him.

Yearwood found the wanted photo and he changed his Facebook profile picture to the wanted poster with his mug shot on it.

One of his family members posted a comment, telling Yearwood to take the poster photo down as police are now using social media to locate suspects.

However, Yearwood did not listen to the advice and he was soon arrested.

“Facebook is a great way to communicate and connect with old friends and family. If you are wanted by the police, it’s probably not a good idea to use the ‘Wanted of the Week’ poster of yourself as your profile picture,” Cpl. Brian Bossio wrote on the Stuart Police Department’s Facebook page.

Police learned that Yearwood had outstanding warrants for his arrest in another county. Police said that when officers arrived to arrest him, Yearwood went to put on pants. As he put on his jeans, a bag of marijuana fell out so they added a drug charge to charges he was already facing.