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Mother bites thigh of school secretary for poisoning her daughter

By Mason White 6:22 AM September 5, 2016
Sheila De Jesus 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A mother was arrested on a charge of battery after allegedly biting a school secretary on the thigh for poisoning her daughter, according to police in Florida.

Vero Beach police said that they have arrested 40-year-old Sheila De Jesus, after being accused of beating up her daughter’s school secretary because she was told to pick her up.

In court, De Jesus pleaded not guilty to battery and resisting arrest without violence. She was booked into jail, and her bail was set at $3,000.

According to the criminal complaint, the assault occurred on Wednesday around 3:30 p.m., after De Jesus was called earlier in the day to pick up her daughter from the Vero Beach Elementary School, as her child was sick.

De Jesus could not leave work at that time, and her mother could not pick up the student. De Jesus cursed the secretary and told her that the school was poisoning her daughter and it was the school’s fault.

When De Jesus came at the end of the day, she started hitting the secretary. De Jesus held the victim by the hair, and continued hitting her on the back of the head and face.

De Jesus then bit the victim on the left thigh. When a police officer was trying to take De Jesus into custody, she became combative and bit him.