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Two Muslim men pull woman’s blonde hair and pick her nose because she ate pizza topped with pork

By Mason White 6:57 AM September 5, 2016
Pizza pie (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Two Muslim men were arrested on a charge of assault after being accused of assaulting a blonde woman and her partner for eating pizza that was topped with pork, according to police in France.

Now, 27-year-old Youness Boussaid and 27-year-old Fatah Bouzid of Cambresis, have been sentenced to serve 18 months in prison after being convicted of assault in connection with the beating at a pizza shop.

In addition to prison, the two were ordered to pay the victims 1,500 euros ($1,675) each. According to the police investigation, the victims left the Le Mix bar, where they had spent the night drinking.

The man and the woman went into a pizza shop, where they ordered several slices of pizza topped with pork.

When Boussaid and Bouzid saw that the couple would be consuming pork, which is forbidden under the dietary laws of Islam, the offered the victims cocaine in exchange for their food.

When the victims refused their request, the suspects told them that they were going to hell. To humiliate the woman, the men pulled her blonde hair and forced their fingers into her nose.

As a result, the woman fell and lost consciousness. When her partner tried to protect her, the suspects began beating the young man before security personnel intervened.

Bouzid and Boussaid then fled from the scene. The two men were identified by the pizza chef, victims and other witnesses at the scene.