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Serial cellphone thief steals phone of court employee while in court to be charged with theft

By Mason White 7:05 AM September 5, 2016
Faisal Iqbal Shaikh 

By: Wayne Morin
A serial phone thief was arrested on a charge of theft after allegedly stealing the cellphone of a court employed while waiting in a room to be charged for other phone thefts, according to police in India.

Mumbai police said that they have arrested Faisal Iqbal Shaikh, after being caught at a train station trying to sell the stolen phone belonging to 44-year-old Nandini Purarkar, who works as a court stenographer.

According to police, Shaikh was arrested after stealing numerous cellphones. While in court for a hearing, Shaikh asked Purarkar how long it would take before his case was heard.

Purarkar told him to wait his turn. Shaikh then spotted Purarkar’s cellphone and placed it in his pocket. When Shaikh’s case was called, he was not in the courtroom.

During lunch, Purarkar realized that her cellphone was missing.

She immediately filed a police complaint, and told investigators that she suspects Shaikh. Police found Shaikh at the Mumbra train station, where he tried to sell two cellphones.

One of the phones belonged to Purarkar.