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Hungry bird swoops in and steals soft ice cream from woman at beach

By Mason White 4:32 AM September 6, 2016
Bird stealing soft ice cream from Tara Dalyntara 

By: Feng Qian
A young woman in the United Kingdom, managed to take pictures of the moment a hungry bird decided to steal her soft ice cream while enjoying a day at the beach.

23-year-old Tara Dalyntara of Reading, was at the Brighton Beach, when several birds started swooping over her.

She just bought soft ice cream on a cone and held it in her hand. Before she managed to take one bite, the hungry bird swooped in and stole most of the ice cream.

At first, Dalyntara was angry at the bird for stealing her ice cream, but when she realized that her camera captured pictures of the incident, she began to laugh.

Dalyntara said that she hopes the bird took some ice cream back to its nest and shared the cold treat with others. She also wants the bird to use the cone to build its nest.

She uploaded the photos of the incident to Facebook, where they went viral.