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Man wears women’s swimsuits and looks into windows to watch women

By Mason White 4:39 AM September 6, 2016
Woman wearing swim suit (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
A man was arrested on a charge of harassment after being accused of wearing women’s swimsuits and peeking into windows to watch women, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Now, 41-year-old Ian Qualters of Little Sutton, has been given a 24-month community order with a 60-day probation period after pleading guilty to harassment and resisting arrest.

Qualters was banned from wearing women’s swimwear or fancy dresses in public, enter a leisure or sport facility, enter a garden or driveway without permission, approach lone females, solicit for photographs in public, touch his genitals in public, show his genitals in public or use abusive or threatening language.

According to the criminal complaint, Qualters harassed his neighbor Shannon Law. Law told police that Qualters entered her apartment without permission.

He also looked through the windows of her home on a number of occasions. Qualters also made lewd comments to Law whenever he saw her.

Qualters was also seen dressed in women’s clothes such as leggings and swim suits, and was seen looking into windows while dressed in a pink princess costume.

When he saw women looking back at him, he laughed and jumped. When police tried to arrest him, he resisted and lifted two officers off the ground.

Police had to use pepper spray to restrain Qualters. A police officer said that he has never met a man as strong as Qualters.

A judge has banned Qualters from having any contact with Law.