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Jealous wife kidnaps her husband’s love child and kills her

By Mason White 4:53 PM September 6, 2016
Yana Leonenko (left) and G. Sharaliyeva 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman was very angry when she learned that her husband fathered a child with another woman.

The jealous wife of Ivanovo, Russia, decided to get rid of her problem by killing the child.

Police said that the 2-year-old girl named Yana Leonenko, was in a carriage while she was outside with her aunt.

The aunt left the child unattended for several minutes, and when she returned, the child was gone.

Police reviewed surveillance videos and they saw a woman dressed in a white shirt and black pants walking away with the toddler.

The child was seen holding the suspect’s hands and she was not crying as they walked away. The suspect then picked up the child and walked towards a river.

The toddler was found dead in the river. Police arrested 27-year-old G. Sharaliyeva, who is married to the victim’s father.

Sharaliyeva and her husband have two children together, aged four and six.

A family friend said that the woman’s husband, Sakhyd Sharaliyeva, had a relationship with a waitress in a coffee shop and he got her pregnant.

Sakhyd did not want to leave his wife and two children, but he promised to help raise his love child, the family friend said.

Sakhyd admitted that he was the father of the child. However, he claimed that he told his wife about the affair and she did not show any anger towards the child.

Sakhyd also said that he was shocked by the way his wife was dressed at the time of the kidnapping as “her hair was not covered and she was not wearing her usual hijab. She also does not have Western style clothes at home,” he said.