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Man tortures mother of three children until she dies after learning that she used his home for prostitution

By Mason White 5:04 PM September 6, 2016
John Coddington and Tiffany Williams 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A man was furious when he discovered that his girlfriend was having sex with men for money.

The man of South Carolina, saw text messages on his girlfriend’s phone, showing that she was selling her body for money and the sexual encounters took place in his home.

John Coddington, 23, of Fort Mill, met 32-year-old Tiffany Williams, a mother of three children, on

The two began dating before he invited her to move into his townhouse.

Prosecutors said that one day, Coddington came home and found Williams passed out.

He told detectives that he went through her phone and discovered that she was using his home as a place to have sex with other men.

Coddington claims that he stabbed and beat the woman. Prosecutors said that there was pools of blood in many areas of the home.

Coddington admitted to smoking a cigarette while his girlfriend was suffering and dying, and he did not help her.

“He stood there smoking a cigarette, she was still conscious, they were talking for the last 20 minutes or so of her life, and he stood there and watched her die,” prosecutor Kevin Brackett told a judge.

He then stuffed her body into a suitcase and burned it.

Coddington pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

Before sentencing, Coddington apologized and said: “I apologize to all of Tiffany Williams’ family, especially her sister and her children.”