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Nebraska senator has cybersex with woman from Ivory Coast on government computer

By Mason White 4:15 AM September 7, 2016
Bill Kintner 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A state senator in Nebraska, is facing impeachment after refusing to resign following allegations that he had cybersex with a woman on a government issued computer.

55-year-old Bill Kintner represents the 2nd District in the Nebraska Legislature.

Kintner, who is a member of the Republican Party, was ordered by the Legislature’s Executive Board to step down.

The state accountability board ordered Kintner to pay a fine of $1,000 after admitting to having an online sexual encounter with a woman he met on Facebook.

The woman of the Ivory Coast, then threatened to publicly reveal the sexual encounter unless Kintner paid her $4,500.

According to the investigation, last year, Kintner met the woman on Facebook, and she persuaded him to pleasure himself on Skype while she did the same.

The two also exchanged sexually explicit messages. At one point, Kintner told the woman that she was smoking hot. The woman, who used the name Vinciane Diedeort, asked Kintner to remove his clothes.

He removed his clothes and showed the woman his naked body.

A few minutes later, she threatened to post the video on YouTube and share it with her Facebook friends if he did not wire $4,500 to an account in the Ivory Coast.

Kintner reported himself to the police that day, telling investigators that he had been the victim of a scam.