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Restaurant caught serving food leftover by previous customers instead of discarding them

By Mason White 6:45 AM September 7, 2016
Salsa and chips (illustration) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) The Michigan Department of Health has launched an investigation after employees of a restaurant have made allegations that leftover food items were served to customers instead of being discarded.

The mother of a former 16-year-old waitress at Su Casa in South Haven, Kristie Bowie, revealed that her daughter was instructed not to throw away salsa, chips or any food items that appeared to be untouched.

Another former employee of Su Casa, Anthony Rigozzi, confirmed that the restaurant had a policy not to throw away food that appeared to be untouched by previous customers.

The owner of Su Casa, Edgar Suarez, admitted that he served leftover salsa and chips to customers because he did not realize it was a problem.

He promised not to engage in this practice against after being warned by the health department.

“Attention South Haven Su Casa lovers. My daughter recently got a job at this establishment and has worked there for about a week. She was told not to throw away the salsa or chips that come back that looked like they haven’t been touched,” Kristie Bowie wrote on Facebook.

The post went viral and it was shared thousands of times.