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Mother calls police and asks them to babysit her son because she wants to go on vacation

By Mason White 7:43 AM September 8, 2016
Babysitting child (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
Police warned a mother that dialing 999 is for emergencies only after she called them to ask officers to babysit her son, according to police in the United Kingdom.

22-year-old Rhiannon Overton of Wymondham, who works as a police dispatcher for about a year, said that she already got a large number of unusual calls.

Most of the time, drunk people call because they want a taxi and have no money. Some homeless people want to be arrested because they do not have a place to stay.

Overton revealed that several male callers asked for her phone number or if they could go out on dates. The strangest called was from a mother whose son did not want to go on vacation.

She called 999, and asked officers to babysit her son until she gets back home. When Overton said that police cannot watch her son, she asked what she was supposed to do.