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70-year-old man robs bank because he would rather be in jail than live with his wife

By Mason White 6:33 AM September 9, 2016
Lawrence John Ripple 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) An elderly man was arrested on a charge of robbery after allegedly robbing a bank because he wanted to be in jail rather than live at home with his wife, according to police in Kansas.

Kansas City police said that they have arrested 70-year-old Lawrence John Ripple, after being accused of using a gun to threaten a teller at the bank.

In court, Ripple pleaded not guilty to one count of bank robbery. He was booked into the Wyandotte County Detention Center.

According to the police investigation, Ripple had been arguing with his wife before he told her that he would rather be in jail than live with her.

He then wrote a note, in which he demanded money from the bank, in front of his wife.

Ripple went to a Brotherhood Bank and Trust branch, and gave the note to a bank teller on Friday, demanding cash and warning that he had a gun.

Ripple took the $3,000 in cash and sat down in the lobby, where he told a security guard that he was the guy that the police were looking for.