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Mother-in-law pours acid over pregnant daughter-in-law’s stomach to kill unborn baby

By Mason White 5:08 PM September 8, 2016
S. Girija 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A woman was hospitalized after suffering severe burns on her body after being attacked by her mother-in-law.

The woman told police that her mother-in-law and her sister-in-law poured acid over her stomach to kill the unborn baby.

27-year-old S. Girija was attacked in Nellore, India, after an astrologer predicted that she was going to give birth to a baby girl.

Her in-laws were upset because Girija and her husband already have an 18-month-old daughter and they wanted a grandson, not another granddaughter.

Some people who come from rural or traditional backgrounds, believe female children are worth less than boys.

Police are looking for the mother-in-law and her daughter who committed the crime. While they are on the run, police have arrested the victim’s husband and his father as part of their attempted murder investigation.

The victim is recovering at the hospital after suffering burns to 30 percent of her body. Police did not disclose the condition of the unborn baby.