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Male model works as disfigured Halloween extra after botched nose job

By Mason White 5:01 PM September 8, 2016
Ellowe Alviso before and after 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A handsome man lost his good looks and his great career after a botched nose and chin job.

The man of the Philippines, was looking to get a more “westernized look” when he went to a nurse to get injections.

24-year-old Ellowe Alviso from Manilla, had been featured as a model in many catalogs and he dreamed of becoming a professional catwalker.

Sadly, in his quest to look better and have a greater chance to live his dream, Alviso became disfigured.

Alviso said that he can now only find work as a dressed up Halloween extra.

The horror for Alviso, began when he visited transsexual beautician Euge Edward Udangan, who claimed to be a nurse.

He paid P500 ($10.70) for the beautician to put collagen into his nose and chin, but instead, he was injected with a mixture of wax, sealant and petroleum jelly.

Within weeks of the treatment, his nose and chin became infected. He was left with horrific scars.

Alviso underwent seven operations, but he was left with a permanent scar in the center of his nose and chin.

Police are now looking to arrest Udangan, who has gone into hiding after the botched procedure.