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Man flags down police officer to charge phone before getting arrested for holding stolen credit cards

By Mason White 2:34 AM September 9, 2016
Brendan Duffy 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A man said that he wanted to call an Uber taxi, but the battery of his cellphone has died.

Brendan Duffy of Florida, decided to flag down a Pinellas police officer, who was driving on Gandy Boulevard, and asked him to charge his cellphone so that he can call Uber for a ride.

After the officer agreed to plug in and charge Duffy’s phone, he sat down on a nearby bench. Duffy then whipped out a pocket full of credit cards.

The officer took a closer look and realized that the cards had different names on them, and Duffy was arrested.

Jerrica May said that she received a call from police, who informed her that they found her debit card and they wanted to know if Duffy was authorized to use her card.

May told police that she did not realize she lost her debit card while she was at Kahuna Bar and Grille on Gandy Boulevard, until they called her.

She also informed the detective that Duffy did not have her permission to use her card.

Duffy was charged with theft and is being held on $150 bail.