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Girl earns $85,000 by helping parents in China choose English names for their babies

By Mason White 10:31 AM September 12, 2016
Beau Jessup 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A girl in the United Kingdom, launched a website, which helps parents in China, choose English names for their newborn children.

16-year-old Beau Jessup of Cheltenham, said that so far, she helped name more than 200,000 babies.

Jessup owns and operates the site Special Name, which helps parents choose appropriate English names for their children.

Jessup decided to set up the website after learning that some parents named their children after movie characters and luxury brands.

The student of the Cheltenham Ladies’ College, said it was disturbing to learn that some kids in China, have names such as Rolex, Cinderella, and Pinocchio.

Parents on China, name give their kids English names to make it easier for them to enroll on British or U.S. schools and colleges when they graduate high school.

In six months, Jessup has earned $85,000. Special name charges parents 1 pound ($1.30) to help choose an English name.

The website asks parents to list several character traits they wish for their children before presenting them with a short list of English names.

After the parents choose a name, they are given a certificate with the meaning of the name and a list of celebrities who share it.