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Air China warns passengers flying to London to avoid Indians and black people

By Mason White 5:46 PM September 12, 2016
Air China workers (illustration) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) People in the United Kingdom, were shocked about the blatant racism by Air China.

The airline of China, has caused a firestorm after it printed magazines, which warned passengers to London, to avoid Indians, Pakistanis, and black people.

Lawmakers in the United Kingdom, are demanding that Air China issue a public apology and destroy all the magazines.

The magazines, which were distributed to all the passengers, stated that London is generally a safe place to travel, but tourists need to take precautions when entering areas populated by Indians, Pakistanis and black people.

The magazine also advised tourists not to go out alone at night, and females should always be accompanied by another person.

Air China blamed the racist views on Air China Media, which published the inflight magazines.

The airline said it had asked the publisher to draw a serious lesson of the episode and strengthen its review process to avoid similar problems in the future.

Air China Media said that the incident was entirely due to an editing error and in no way reflects the opinion of the magazine.