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23-year-old man rapes and kills his 56-year-old neighbor and posts photos of her naked body to Facebook

By Mason White 9:27 AM September 11, 2016
Steven Durdek Jr. 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A man was jailed for 115 years for breaking into his neighbor’s home, and brutally raping and killing her.

23-year-old Steven Durdek Jr,, of Manchester, Connecticut, who had a criminal history, entered his neighbor’s home through an open window.

He then sexually and physically abused 56-year-old Sarah Kelloway, who was a mother of four children. He hit her over the head with a vase and ashtray, and burned her body.

The evil man took photos of his victim after removing her clothes, and he posted them to Facebook. Officers who arrived at the scene, found the woman in the same compromising position in which she was seen on Facebook.

The photos were removed after the suspect was arrested.

Police said that her hands, feet and groin area were badly burned. Prosecutor Zagaja said that this suggests the killer was trying to destroy evidence of his assault.

Durdek, who maintained his innocence despite DNA evidence linking him to the crime, was found guilty of murder, burglary, sexual assault, arson and tampering with evidence.

Hartford Superior Court Judge Hunchu Kwak, who sentenced Durdek to 115 years in prison, said that he has “forfeited his right to live in society,” after committing these horrendous crime.