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Toddler is killed when daycare worker sits down on the bean bag he was hiding under

By Mason White 4:28 PM September 11, 2016
Leonardo ‘Leo’ Sanchez 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A mother is demanding answers after a daycare worker accidentally killed her son by suffocating him.

Leonardo “Leo” Sanchez was looking forward to celebrating his second birthday, when he was tragically killed while playing at his daycare.

His parents Dan and Danielle Sanchez, were planning his birthday party that was supposed to be in just a few days, but they now have to plan his funeral instead.

Sanchez was playing with his friends at the West Jordan Child Center in Utah, when he went to hide under the beanbag chair.

The daycare worker then sat down on the chair to read the children a story, and she did not realize that the child was underneath the chair.

The child’s body was found after he was suffocated to death. Staff believe that Leo was under the chair for 15 minutes before he was found.

The family wants to know how it is that the teacher did not feel the child and how nobody heard him crying while he was dying under the teacher’s weight.

Police said that his death appears to be a tragic accident, but they are still investigating the incident, including reviewing surveillance videos from inside the daycare facility.

Sanchez is survived by his parents and three heartbroken siblings.