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Lawyer wants ban on Pokemon Go for giving eggs to vegetarians

By Mason White 6:35 AM September 13, 2016
Pokemon Go game 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A lawyer has filed a petition with a court in India, calling for ban on Pokemon Go for giving eggs to vegetarians who play the game, according court documents.

Attorney Nachiket Dave of Gujarat, told the court that the game offends Jains and Hindus, as they do not eat meat or eggs.

Pokemon Go awards eggs to people who catch characters. Some characters are placed in temples and churches.

Dave argued that offering eggs to people in temples, even in the virtual world, is highly questionable and amounts to blasphemy as some Jains and Hindus do not eat animals products due to their religious beliefs.

Many Hindus are vegetarians while members of the Jain faith usually follow a strict vegetarian diet. Dave asked the court to ban the game in the country.

The court has accepted the arguments, and has asked the Makers of Pokemon Go to respond to the petition within 30 days.