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Cheating wife kills her husband because she was fed up with him getting involved in her love life with her boyfriend

By Mason White 1:42 AM September 13, 2016
Lovers (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman in South Africa, killed her husband after he wanted to know too much about her love life with her boyfriend.

The 45-year-old man’s sister said that her brother stayed with his wife despite knowing that she was cheating on him.

The couple raised their children together in Johannesburg, and the woman would often leave her husband to care for the kids while she went to her lover’s home.

“They would fight in front of the children. We were tired of telling her to stop cheating on him,” the heartbroken sister said.

According to police, the woman turned herself in to police and told them that she beat her husband to death “because he kept following her whenever she wanted to go to another man.”

Police went to the home, where they found the body. Orange Farm police spokesman Captain Johannes Motsiri confirmed that a woman was arrested on a charge of murder.