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Man is found naked and badly beaten on his birthday while repeatedly saying ‘bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do’

By Mason White 1:00 PM September 12, 2016
Mark Anthony Brooks 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man was found naked, badly beaten and robbed in South Carolina.

Mark Anthony Brooks was attacked on the day that he turned 52.

Police were called after people spotted Brooks inside the St. George Bar in Myrtle Beach, around 4:30 a.m.

When officers arrived they found Brooks naked except for a ripped pair of boxers around his behind.

Brooks had blood on his face and he had swelling “about the size of a golf ball” under the right eye. He had multiple lacerations on his knees, elbows and feet, police said.

When officers tried to talk to him, Brooks was not very cooperative and he repeatedly said: “bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do” to himself.

Brooks finally told officers that three men attacked him near several dumpsters outside the bar, hitting him before stealing his clothes along with $700 that he had with him.

When paramedics tried to treat him, Brooks became belligerent and police arrested him for public intoxication, according to the police report.

He was booked into the Myrtle Beach jail after being treated for his injuries.