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Man puts his wife up for sale on eBay and gets a lot of bids up to $87,000

By Mason White 2:05 AM September 13, 2016
The listing 

By: Feng Qian
A man of the United Kingdom, put his wife up for sale on eBay after she nagged him too much when he was not feeling well.

The man of Yorkshire, said that he was feeling ill when he came home from his job as a telecom engineer, but somehow, he was well enough to play a nasty prank on her.

Simon O’Kane, 33, a married father of two children, said that his wife was unsympathetic with him when he complained of feeling unwell so he pretended to be selling her on eBay.

He listed the pros and cons of his wife as is she was a second-hand car, but he was surprised when bids got up to the price of a luxury vehicle.

He wrote that she has “decent bodywork and skills in the kitchen,” and he described her as “not new, has been used, but still got some good miles left in her.”

27-year-old Leandra O’Kane said that she did not know about her husband’s actions until someone at work spotted the listing and told her about it.

“I was absolutely fuming, I wanted to kill him. Everyone at work saw it and laughed their heads off. Not only did he put me up for sale, but he used a bad photo,” she said.

Bids for the woman reached £65,885 ($87,774) within two days, before eBay removed the listing for violating their terms and conditions.