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Mother of three girls throws her sister-in-law’s newborn son off hospital balcony because she wanted a boy

By Mason White 1:34 AM September 13, 2016
Sarita Devi with the baby 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A mother of three girls was arrested for throwing her sister-in-law’s newborn son off a hospital balcony because she also wanted a son.

Luckily, the baby survived and suffered just minor injuries. Police were called and the baby’s aunt was arrested on charges of attempted murder.

The 18-day-old baby named Anmol, was admitted to the Shyam Maternity and Children’s Hospital in Kalyanpur, India, after suffering from a septicaemia.

During that time, the parents, Sarvesh and Alka Kumar of Tirwa Kannauj, took turns staying at the baby’s side.

However, one day, the baby’s parents needed to return home to take care of a few things so Alka asked her sister-in-law Sarita Devi, to care of the baby for the day and she agreed.

However, instead of caring for the baby, she threw him off a balcony. A man who was also at the hospital, spotted the baby on the ground and went to rescue him.

Surveillance videos showed Devi walking out of the hospital room with the newborn baby boy in her arms and throwing him off the balcony.

The aunt allegedly admitted to police that she threw the baby off the balcony in a moment of weakness because she was jealous as she only has girls and she wants a boy.