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Woman shocked to learn 4 men picked up her car and moved it after she received a ticket for using two parking spots

By Mason White 1:31 AM September 13, 2016
Sally’s photos (left) the council photo 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A woman took to social media to complain about an unfair parking ticket she received.

The woman, who identified herself as Sally of Australia, posted photos to the Internet, showing her parked car and the $50 fine that she received for not parking within the white line.

Sally said that she received a ticket because her car was parked over the white line, which means that she took up more than one parking spot.

However, she had photos to prove that she parked in the line with a small part of her wheel on the white line, but still in her parking spot.

Sally said that she did not move her car before she took the photos, showing that she got a ticket without merit.

In response, the city of Fremantle, said that they have photos showing that the woman was lying on social media about an unfair parking fine received in the city center.

The city released the photo with the time-stamp on her ticket as further proof. Sally was confused after seeing the photo, and she stood firm that she did not move her vehicle.

After reviewing surveillance videos from the parking lot, the mystery was solved.

Sally was shocked to see that four men walked up to her car about 9 minutes after she received the ticket and moved it so that they have more space for their car.

Since the issue was clarified, Sally realized that she will have to pay the fine.