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21 bus passengers die after driver drove off bridge trying to avoid hitting child riding on bicycle

By Mason White 4:45 AM September 14, 2016
Scene of the accident 

By: Chan Yuan
Police are looking to arrest a bus driver on a charge of dangerous driving after allegedly talking on his cellphone while driving off a bridge, which caused the death of 21 people, according to police in India.

Angul police said that 26-year-old Birendra Behera, fled from the scene after driving off the Old Manitri bridge on Friday.

21 people have died and another 30 people suffered serious injuries. According to the police investigation, the bus was on its way from Boudh to Athmallik, and was packed with 51 people.

A passenger on the bus told investigators that Behera was talking on his cellphone when a child on a bicycle suddenly came from the opposite side.

Behera suddenly made a sharp turn and lost control of the bus.

The bus broke through the railings of the bridge, and fell more than 50 feet. The bus was destroyed in the accident. Behera was seen climbing out of the bus and fleeing from the scene.

Police raided his home, but Behera remains at large.