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Female police officer punches woman who married her mother’s former lover

By Mason White 5:23 PM September 13, 2016
Beth Walker in blue shirt 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A police officer of the United Kingdom, was found guilty of punching a woman who married the man whom her mother loved.

A court heard that there had been an ongoing feud with the officer’s family and the 50-year-old victim who married the former partner of the officer’s mother, following an acrimonious split.

The officer was also fired from her job after being found guilty of assaulting the woman in the meat aisle at an Asda supermarket.

Police Constable Beth Walker of Birmingham, defended herself by saying that she was approaching the victim to greet her and she accidentally pushed her.

Witnesses and surveillance video confirmed the victim’s account that the 40-year-old woman who worked as a police officer for the past 13 years, punched the victim in the chest and said: “that was a long time coming, it’s not over yet.”

During an investigation, the officer told a panel that she put her hand out for a “friendly” greeting and perhaps it was ill-timed and somewhat clumsy due to the confined space.

However, the punch was strong and the woman fell. Her shoe and the meat she was holding fell in another direction.

A three-person misconduct panel found Walker guilty of gross misconduct after a two-day hearing. Chair of the Panel, Harry Ireland, said that the assault had been a “gratuitous violent act,” and she was fired from the police force.