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Queen Elizabeth’s guard seen snorting white powder off ceremonial sword at St James’s Palace

By Mason White 4:43 AM September 14, 2016
Queen Elizabeth 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) The Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom, launched an investigation after a video that surfaced on the Internet, showed a guard of Queen Elizabeth snorting a white substance while on duty.

The incident allegedly unfolded at the St James’s Palace in London on Monday.

The video was taken by 27-year-old Lieutenant Charles McLean.

McLean posted the video by accident on the Internet, and it went viral. 41-year-old Major James Coleby was recorded snorting the substance inside the palace during an alcohol-fueled party.

The video also showed 27-year-old Captain Alex Ritchie, leaning over a ceremonial sword while chopping up the white substance with a plastic card.

Coleby then bent over the sword and allegedly snorted the suspicious white substance. A woman could be heard screaming at Coleby, telling him to not do it.

McLean, Ritchie and Coleby were all on duty at the time of the incident. Guards are allowed to drink alcohol while on duty, but they are not allowed to use drugs.