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8-year-old girl dies after being ejected from vehicle driven by her 9-year-old sister with their grandfather as a passenger

By Mason White 4:50 PM September 14, 2016
Kayden and Alexis Walker 

By: Chan Yuan
A young girl died and her sister was wounded during a visit to their grandparents’ home.

The two girls of Leavenworth, Kansas, were at their grandparents’ home in Missouri, when they decided to go for a ride in a Utility Task Vehicle (UTV).

Their grandfather agreed to allow one of the girls to drive.

State law allows children under the age of 16 to operate all terrain vehicles if they are accompanied by an adult.

However, the children must wear a helmet and a seatbelt, according to the state’s highway patrol.

8-year-old Alexis Walker got into the passenger seat of the vehicle with her grandfather while her 9-year-old sister Kayden got into the driver’s seat.

However, while driving on the dirt road after 12:10 p.m., the girl lost control and the vehicle overturned.

Police said that they were not wearing seatbelts or protective gear, and all three were ejected from the vehicle.

Alexis was declared dead at the scene. Kayden was taken by ambulance to a hospital in St. Joseph, while their grandfather was not hurt.