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People pass out in movie theater while watching Raw showing vegetarian turning into cannibal

By Mason White 3:58 AM September 15, 2016
Movie Raw 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) Several people passed out in a crowded movie theater while watching Raw, showing a vegetarian turning into a cannibal, police in Canada said.

Toronto police said that the incident unfolded early on Tuesday morning, as part of the Toronto Film Festival Midnight Madness.

An ambulance had to be called to the scene because it was too much for several people who watched the bloody movie. The movie, which is in French, is about a vegetarian college student who gradually became a cannibal.

The Toronto International Film Festival, also known as TIFF, is a publicly attended film festival held each year in September in Toronto.

Those behind the screening of the movie said that it will continue to play for the time being despite the health scare.

Several people claimed that the incident was a marketing stunt to draw attention to Raw.