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Teen tries to take video of his future mother-in-law taking shower in bathroom of her home

By Mason White 2:51 PM September 14, 2016
Woman washing herself (illustration) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A teen was arrested on a charge of attempted voyeurism after he tried to record a video of his future mother-in-law taking a shower in the bathroom of her home, according to police in Ireland.

Now, 19-year-old Thomas Jason Patrick Edgar of Park Head, has been sentenced to two years probation after being convicted of attempted voyeurism.

He was also ordered to register on the sex offenders list for five years. According to the police investigation, Edgar is engaged to the victim’s daughter, 20-year-old Nicole Mageean.

Mageean is standing by her fiance, saying that he didn’t mean to record her mother.

Edgar claimed that he placed an iPad in the bathroom in order to record his fiancee as a prank, but his mother-in-law went into the bathroom to take a shower and discovered the device.

The court heard that the victim discovered a mobile phone hidden inside a shoebox in the toilet. She picked it up and saw that it was set to record.

Later that day, the victim told her daughter that she would like to take a shower. Edgar became agitated and asked to use the bathroom first.

When the victim went into the bathroom, she noticed Edgar’s iPad leaning against a wall and was set to record. Mageean said that she will marry her boyfriend despite being convicted.

The victim revealed that she cut ties with her daughter, and will only be accepted into the family when she dumps her boyfriend.