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Woman kills herself after sending video of her having sex with new boyfriend to former boyfriend who uploaded it on Facebook

By Mason White 2:42 AM September 16, 2016
Tiziana Cantone 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A young woman committed suicide after a sex video that she sent to her former boyfriend went viral, according to police in Italy.

Naples police said that 31-year-old Tiziana Cantone, sent a video, which showed her having sex with her new boyfriend, to her former boyfriend in order to tease him.

In response, the former boyfriend uploaded the video to Facebook, where it went viral.

Cantone began getting abusive messages on the Internet, and she was teased on the street as people recognized her from the sex video.

She went to court to change her legal name, but that didn’t help. She had to quit her job because she was being taunted by her coworkers.

After months of depression, Cantone ended her life. Police said that they might file criminal charges against those people who shared the sex video on the Internet.