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2 care assistants throw patient with broken bones on bed instead of taking her to hospital

By Mason White 12:38 PM September 16, 2016
Elderly woman in senior living facility 

By: Feng Qian
Two care assistants were arrested on a charge of willfully neglect a person without capacity after being accused of throwing a woman with broken bones on a bed, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Now, Jeanette Reilly, 49, and Eveline Vulielie, 47, both of Coventry, have been ordered to perform 120 hours of community service after pleading guilty to carer ill-treat/willfully neglect a person without capacity.

According to the police investigation, 78-year-old Shelia Thorpe fell in her room at the Cordelia Court Care Home. Reilly and Vulielie heard her screams and immediately attended to the victim.

However, rather than use the correct procedure to lift Thorpe off the ground by using a hoist, they physically lifted her up and put her to bed.

The defendants also failed to inform the senior carer about the incident and it was only later, when they had gone home, that the victim’s injuries were identified.

She was taken to a hospital, and treated for a broken arm and hip. The victim was transferred to another home, where she died.

An autopsy was carried out, which resulted in a police investigation and the arrest of the two care assistants.