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5-year-old girl blushes as she is reunited with her boyfriend at the airport

By Mason White 7:38 AM September 16, 2016
The 5-year-olds reunited 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A young “couple” was delighted to be back together after being separated when their parents were forced to move.

The parents said that the little girl and boy of the United States, knew each other “all their lives.”

They lived close to each other on a military base until 17 months ago, when their military families were ordered to move to different bases.

The children, who are both 5 years old, missed each other very much so their mothers arranged to reunite them for one weekend.

However, they did not tell their children about their plans. They kept it a secret until the two met at the airport.

The boy who was identified as Eli, waited at the airport without knowing who was going to arrive until his girlfriend, who was not identified, showed up.

The little girl was surprised when she spotted Eli, and she ran over to him. He was also shocked. The girl then blushed as she told Eli: “I missed you.”

The 5 year olds were overwhelmed with emotion and couldn’t stop hugging.

The video of the reunion was uploaded to the Internet, where thousands of people enjoyed the heartwarming moment.

The parents wrote that the pair “had an amazing weekend and they can’t wait to meet up again.”