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Three female Rite Aid employees borrow money from cash register to buy lottery tickets

By Mason White 5:28 PM September 18, 2016
Dianna Eve Farr, Vickie Jean Matthews and Robin Booth Matthews 

By: Feng Qian
Three women were arrested over a lottery theft scheme, according to Georgia Police Chief Brennan Baird.

Lottery officials asked police for help after a Ride Aid had an unusual amount of sales in the store.

Detectives set up hidden surveillance cameras with the permission from owners at the Rite Aid store of Danielsville, and they were shocked by what they observed.

The saw three female workers taking money from the cash register to buy lottery tickets. They then scratched off the tickets and they cashed in the winning ones at the register.

Police said that the women did the crime independently and not as a group.

51-year-old Vickie Jean Matthews, who worked at Rite Aid for 19 years, supervised the lottery register. She told police that she was “borrowing” the money and she planned to repay it.

She allegedly admitted to “borrowing” money from the register, to buy lottery tickets since December.

Robin Booth Mathis, 55, and Dianna Eve Farr, 50, were also seen on hidden camera stealing money from the register to buy scratch off lottery tickets.

Police said that when confronted with the evidence, Mathis admitted to taking store money to purchase the lottery tickets for several months, while Farr admitted that she had been doing so for about one month.

All three women were arrested and charged with theft.