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Mother and babysitter tie up 9-month-old girl and gag her mouth as game among friends

By Mason White 3:41 AM September 19, 2016
Crying baby (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
Police launched an investigation after a photo that went viral on the Internet, showed a tied and gagged baby, according to police in Mexico.

Coahuila police said that they have questioned the mother of the 9-month-old girl after Alexa Contreras Mendez found the image on Facebook and notified police.

During questioning, the mother and the babysitter said that the child was tied up as a game among friends. However, police did not accept their explanation, and the girl was removed from the home.

The photo first surfaced on Facebook, showing the girl’s hands tied in front of her body. A cloth was tied around the child’s mouth, and she was crying.

Yezka Garza, who is the head of the Prosecution for Children and Family, said that the child was placed with a loving family after the mother was charged with child neglect.