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Student thinks her potato chips are covered in black pepper before realizing they are dead ants

By Mason White 5:25 PM September 18, 2016
The potato chip 

By: Wayne Morin
A high school student was furious after she ate potato chips at a restaurant that were covered in dead ants.

Emily Wagoner took to social media to vent her frustration over the disgusting incident.

Wagoner of Oregon, went to a Pita Pit restaurant in Beaverton, where she purchased a bag of potato chips to go along with her meal.

She was pleasantly surprised when she saw that the Miss Vickie’s sea salt and vinegar flavored chips were covered in seasoning.

However, when she held the chips closer, Wagoner discovered that the chips were actually covered in dead ants. She took a photo of the contaminated chips and posted it to Twitter.

Wagoner said that when she told the Pita Pit manager, she was offered a new bag of chips.

However, they refused to refund the $14 meal after Wagoner lost her appetite due to the horrifying incident.

After the tweet of the bug-infested chips went viral, the Pita Pit headquarters offered Wagoner a $50 gift certificate, but she turned it down.

Pita Pit also said that they are “investigating what led to this isolated incident.”

“We hold our food to the highest quality standards, including pre-packaged items like chips from third-party vendors we partner with, and the health and safety of our guests remains Pita Pit’s highest priority,” they said.